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3rd meeting in Spain

IES Alpedrete is an urban school, attended by about 600 students aged 12-18. This year the school is undergoing a reorganization and opens bilingual classes . The school is also a technical school, which means that a large part of the curriculum is devoted to IT skills and its use for educational purposes.

IES Alpedrete is a dynamic school, seeking new ways of working with students, open to new learning. The school works virtually with many institutions , both in Spain and in other countries , using the potential of students, teachers and their well supplied facility with good equipment .

In a joint eTwinning project, IES Alpedrete was the coordinator. The school puts great emphasis on the needs of the students and their parents, as well as maintain ing high level of education. IES Alpedrete has never used the methods of gamification before and is highly interested in gaining knowledge and experience in this field.

Organisational activities:

The school actively cooperates with other educational institutions using its technological potential, executing eTwinning projects , using Moodle and implementing simple , mini, between - school s projects , teaching students about using 'the cloud'. J oint eTwinning project proved that teachers from IES Alpedrete work systematically, are well organized and motivate their students to work very well . Any personal conflicts which may arise between students are quickly and efficiently resolved.

Language skills:

Language skills of both students and teachers are at a very high level; this ensure s prompt and effective communication. Currently, the school prepares to open bilingual classes in which science subjects such as biology, chemistry, geography and physics will be held in English.

ICT skills:

Teachers and students have extensive experience in the use of information technology for educational purposes. In t he project they will be leaders in this field. They will share their experience and will initiate new ways of solving educational problems using information technology , as they did before during the eT winning project.


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