Osnovna šola Oskarja Kovačiča Škofije
Skofije - Slovenia

Presentation of the school.
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4th meeting in Slovenia

Osnovna šola Oskarja Kovacic Škofije is a public schoo l , educating children aged 12-15 recruited from different backgrounds - mostly urban. The school pay s a lot of attention to environmental education and health. The school carries out internal projects for the promotion of healthy lifestyles ‘ Drink water! ' and reduction of water consumption. Teachers pay attention to the local environment with unique flora and fauna of the region. The school puts great emphasis on the quality of education and individualization of the educational system. It is open to new ways of working.


Language skills:

Teachers involved in the project speak English well . Students learn English three hours a week to guarantee communication ability after two years of study.

Organizational skills:

The school participated in three Comenius projects, as a result it gained a lot of experience . Unfortunately, in recent years the school has failed to get financing. They have extensive experience in organizing pro-health campaign s activating young people and the local environment.

Science related skills:

Teachers involved in the project are specialists in the field of science. They inspire teachers from other countries with their ideas and commitment.

They are authors of new activities or they creative ly expand activities created by other schools.

In their school they organize campaigns promoting health, analyzing weather anomaly, sensitizing students to the beauty of nature.

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