Gimnazjum nr 48 im. Lecha Badkowskiego
Gdansk - Poland

Presentation of the school
and the region.

6th meeting in Poland


Junior High School No. 48, located on the outskirts of Gdansk, is a relatively young institution, founded in 2001. It is situated among new housing estates; multi-family homes and detached houses, but also in the vicinity of the old village of Jasien and garden plot s, where part of our students come from.

A bout 530 students attend our school, recruited from different social backgrounds they represent the full range of intellectual abilities.

The school actively supports all students, but especially helps those with pronounced disabilities by creating favorable conditions for them to integrate into society. The school has many achievements especially in the fields of natural sciences, foreign languages ?? and sports.

Organizational skills:

The school participated in two Comenius projects that have allowed teachers and employees to gain experience in cooperation with the National Agency, as well as with other schools.

The last project called "Different Paths, The Same Aim" was recognized by the Foundation for the Development of Education and included among the best projects in 2011-2013 as an example of good practice.

Language skills:

Every teacher involved is fluent in English. However, among the students the level of English varies. Nevertheless, experience tells us, that international projects strengthen the motivation to learn foreign languages.

Knowledge and activities in the field of biology:

Biology teachers actively cooperate with the University of Gdansk, Medical University and "Bird Paradise” nature reserve. Students take part in meetings, workshops and laboratories organized in these centers, prepared specifically for junior high school students.


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