Debreceni Egyetem Kossuth Lajos
Gyakorló Gimnáziuma és Általános Iskolája
Debrecen - Hungary

Debreceni Egyetem Kossuth Lajos Gyakorl ó Gimnáziuma és Általános Iskolája is a large public school , where the children who are educated in the primary buildings are aged 6-15 , in the high school building they are 12-18. The school Kossuth street's building is divided into two units: the lower one with children aged 6-10, and the higher one of young people aged 11-15. Students are recruited from diverse backgrounds and represent different intellectual potential. The school cooperates with the University of Debrecen and is open to innovative ways of working so 90 % of their students later get into the school of their first choice.

The school draws attention to the high level of education, healthy lifestyles and equal opportunities for all, such as the Debrecen population of Romanian minority. The school is also a thriving center for teachers' training in Debrecen.

Language skills:

Teachers involved in the project speak English at a very good level that ensures full and effective communication. The students speak English at a good level. During the eTwinning project there were no noticeable problems with communication. Students made contact willingly and with great ease .

IT Skills:

Teachers and pupils cope well with eTwinning and other IT tools. Teachers involved in the project willingly agreed to lead the project website, which will serve the schools for further contacts even after the end of the project.

Procedural skills:

DE Kossuth Lajos Gyakorló Gimnáziuma és Általá nos Iskolája is a methodical center in Debrecen. T hey often organize methodological workshops for teachers. The school regularly collaborates with the University of Debrecen. It is open to innovations in teaching methods, but also ready to share its achievements in this area by organizing a methodology workshop for the schools participating in our project.

For the project the school will be a source of methodical knowledge, particularly methods of activating student s.

The school also uses, eg. sulfur source s , which are located in Debrecen, to promote healthy lifestyles among young people.

Presentations and videos:


Presentations and videos:

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