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Wilhelm-Busch -Schule is a small school dedicated to children aged 9-17 , located in the town of Rehburg - Loccum. Students of Wilhelm-Busch -Schule are recruited from different backgrounds. They have problems with learning and with proper functioning in society. Often these are children who failed in a typical school facility and require a lot of attention and individualization of work.

The main objectives of the school are :

- Special help to allow pupils to catch up with school work

- Development of positive character traits, attitudes and problem solving skills

- To help integrate students into society.

Organizational activities :

Wilhelm-Busch -Schule took part in the Comenius project in 2010 and worked out a method of cooperation with other schools. The school has developed a set of principles by which students from other schools work with young people from Wilhelm-Busch -Schule , without any problem s . Our partner group had a pleasure to test these principles by cooperating in an eTwinning project ' Getting to Know '. They were inspiring for the whole group.

Language skills :

All teachers involved in the project can speak English in a fully communicative way . Students from Wilhelm-Busch -Schule have little knowledge of English. However, it is easier for them to speak English than to write in English, wh ich was proved by exercises with Voki in an eTwinning project ' Getting to Know '. In future cooperation we will therefore use these skills as Wilhelm-Busch -Schule English teachers support students on expanding communication skills in English.

Expertise :

The t eachers have vast knowledge and experience in adjust ing methods and forms of work to the needs of the student, they are open to new ideas and inspirations. In much of their work they use learner-centered teaching methods. They have never used gamification and so they feel very optimistic about the introduction of this method in their school.


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Presentations and videos:


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