Säynätsalon yhtenäiskoulu
Säynätsalo - Finland

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Säynätsalon yhtenäiskoulu is a medium-sized school located on the outskirts of the village - S äynätsalo. S tudents are recruited from residents living on three neighboring islands, diverse in terms of learning abilities and social status. S äynä tsalon peruskoulu is a school with a high level of ICT skills, and with a rich technical base. The school puts great emphasis on using these skills in education. Teachers in Säynä tsalon peruskoulu cooperate with the nearby University , organizing meetings and workshops for their students.

Säynätsalon peruskoulu is an institution with a priority of learner-centered teaching (student-centered teaching). This method ensures comprehensive development , supports individuality and autonomy.

The school systematically develops methodological skills of teachers in this regard. One of the methods used in S äynätsalon peruskoulu is gamification , which is attractive to the students and teachers . Teachers use this method for some time and are convinced of it ' s highly positive effects. They have some experience, which they are happy to share with other schools open to innovative ways of working with the student.

Language skills:

Teachers involved in the project speak English at a very good level that ensures full and effective communication. S äynätsalon peruskoulu s tudents speak English at a good level. During t he eTwinning project there were no noticeable problems with communication. The students were very eager and creative.

IT Skills:

Säynätsalon peruskoulu s taff is doing very well with the latest information technology. They are creative and willing to share ideas. Every day they carry out numerous projects using IT tools.

Methodology skills:

Säynätsalon peruskoulu has been using the method of gamification f or several years. The t eachers train all the time, even though they already have their own experience. The school regularly carrie s out so called ‘ Game Weeks ', classes based on gamification. Teachers design the game s , implement them, and then analyze them . They are pioneers in the implementation of education based on topics, as opposed to the universal in Europe, and also in Poland, education based on learning su bjects.

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